Beauty that inspires responsible cosmetics

We are ALTERLOOK, a company based in Barcelona dedicated to creating sustainable hair products from 2015. Our team is made up of great professionals in the hairdressing sector who share the same passion for innovation and the sustainability.

Our goal is to offer innovative and differentiated hair products that respond to the needs of the stylists today, without compromising the sustainability and the welfare of people, animals and the planet. We are proud to use assets from organic origin to create treatments first quality and always respect the environment.

At ALTERLOOK, we respond to the need to create hair lines of vanguard haircare lines that are free from harmful toxic agents toxic Harmful to hair and the environment. We promise to offer the best We are committed to delivering professional hairdresserwithout compromising ethics and ethics and the environmental responsibility.


In order to make possible the sustainable beauty and respectful with animals and the environment. We are committed to creating products of high quality, made with ingredients certified natural, free of harmful agents and cruelty free. We strive to take care of the welfare of our customers as well as the planet, through sustainable and responsible production practices.


We want to build a world where beauty does not require animal suffering and do not compromise your health. we wish to be industry leaders, demonstrating that it is possible to create beauty products exceptional without harming animals or the environment. TO short term, we focus on expand our line of natural and sustainable products, long term, we aspire to transform the cosmetics industry in its entirety towards ethical and responsible practices.



We care about the environment and believe that it is our responsibility to do our part to protect it. That's why all our products are sustainable and we use natural ingredients that are respectful of the environment.

Ethics and commitment

We pledge not to use products that involve animal cruelty at any stage of production. We make sure that all of our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Quality and INNOVATION

We want our customers to feel the difference in the quality of our products. Also, as an innovative brand, we are always looking for ways to improve and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Commitment to health

We care about the health of our customers and we make sure that all our products are safe and do not harm their health.

These values are essential to us as a brand, and we strive to uphold them every day in everything we do. As ALTERLOOK, we want to be leaders in the hair cosmetics industry, not only in terms of quality and sustainability, but also in terms of ethics and social commitment.