Botanical Hair Care Kit at Home


Botanical Complex

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Aloe vera


Thanks to your unique liquid composition already his formula free of greasy agents, our product penetrates deeply in the layers internal of the hair, providing a intense hydration and a exceptionally defined straightening.


By combining it with the line Onlys Salon Care, offers professionals a wide range of possibilities, allowing them to carry out up to 6 different treatments with a single product line.

Vegan Certification

We take care of your hair and the environment

Our goal is to offer you beauty without harming animals. He [ONLYS BOTANIC SMOOTHING SPRAY] It has been formulated without ingredients of animal origin or tested on animals. It has obtained the European certification V-Label, guaranteeing that it is a vegan treatment and free of animal cruelty.

Instead of using keratin, we have replaced this component of animal origin with aloe vera, a plant ingredient that offers similar results. Aloe vera is ideal for hair care due to its chemical composition, which resembles the main hair protein: the keratin.


An exclusive formula

The line [ONLYS BOTANIC] replace all non-essential fluids, such as water, with extract of Aloe vera, one of the most effective cell regenerators from nature and that brings great benefits to the hair. Thus we created an exclusive new concept with exceptional results.


rejuvenating properties

The Ginseng strengthens and protects the hair, rejuvenates the hair fiber and stimulates the creation of proteins, thanks to its vitamin and mineral content

Coconut oil

Strength and Balance

The Coconut oil is a versatile natural ingredient that provides multiple benefits for hair. Nourishes deeply, repairs split ends, strengthens hair and balances oil production on the scalp.


Nutrition and control

The hazelnuts They provide nutrition, growth and control for your hair. Discover its richness in vitamins A, E and biotin, allies to nourish and regulate hair fat. In addition, its antioxidant properties fight free radicals and provide hydration from root to tip.

Easy, fast and efficient

Express application

The presentation in spray expedites the application of treatment, providing comfort and speed to the professional without the need to use additional tools such as a bowl. With this method, a greater product savings and a more efficient application, avoiding waste by applying it directly to the hair

6 Treatments

Healthy and Radiant Appearance

Hair treatments are an excellent way to care for and transform your hair, providing it with the necessary care and nutrients to shine. healthy and radiant. Among the different types of treatments available, the most noteworthy are ROOT TIPS, CURL, CURL RELAXATION, BOTANICAL STRAIGHTENING, MOLECULAR REGENERATOR and BIOPLASTY, each designed to address specific needs and achieve particular results.

step by step training

Learn how to perform each of these hair treatments

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Perfect Smooth


Transform and protects the hair, promoting its health and vitality. Compatible with all types of hair, even dyed or treated. Duration of 4 to 6 months. Result: hair hydrous, with higher density and sealed cuticle. The ideal option for hair straightening vegan and durable.

Regenerative Treatment


The Molecular Regenerator It is ideal for hair frizzy, fragile or damaged by chemicals and heat tools. This treatment nourishes, rebuilds and seals the hair, offering impressive results. repair the structure of the hair, contributes force, hydration and reduces the frizzy. In addition, it leaves the hair reconstructed, hydrated and with a Natural glow durable.

Hair Restructuring


Adds volume, revitalizes the hair fiber and repair the external damage. The alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate and stimulate the production of collagen to improve the texture hair related. Ideal for hair fragile and with low density. Duration of 6 to 8 weeks. Result: hair hydrous, further dense and sealed cuticle.

Natural and shiny smooth


The treatment is ideal for those with curly hair that have had their mid-lengths and ends subjected to other straightening treatments or chemical damage. This treatment focuses on nourishing and rebuilding the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, while achieving a natural smooth and bright. Results include hair that appears more healthy, with repaired mid-lengths and ends and a smooth and radiant appearance.

Natural curls


On the other hand, this treatment is designed for those who wish to maintain and enhance their natural curls. It is ideal for curly hair that seeks to maintain its texture and shape, while providing nutrition and hydration. This treatment helps maintain curls flexible, defined and shiny, providing the hair with the necessary care so that it looks its best version.

Open and Manageable Curls


Finally, this treatment is perfect for those with very curly hair who want a more open and manageable curl. This treatment seeks relax slightly curls, without losing its characteristic shape and texture. In addition to reducing the volume and improve the manageability, this treatment also provides nutrition and hydration to the hair, leaving it gentle, flexible and easy to comb.

Choose the Perfect Treatment for your Hair

Improve your hair health and enhance your beauty with unique results

Regardless of the treatment you choose, it is important to note that they are all designed to improve the health and the appearance of your hair each offers specific results and unique benefits, adapting to your needs and individual preferences. Consult with a professional hairdresser to determine which of these treatments is the most suitable for you and discover how you can transform and beautify your hair.