Lightens up to 9 Tones

[BLACK SHINE] is the revolutionary black bleaching that lightens up to 9 tones, surpassing the results of conventional bleaching.

Its exclusive formula with dark pigmentation neutralize more effectively the shades unwanted yellows, providing a result of purer and more uniform color.

  • This professional product incorporates the innovative Bond Protector (PLEX) and Organic Argan Oil, a powerful combination that softens and protects the structural bonds of the hair, significantly reducing the risk of damage and breakage during the bleaching process.

  • In addition to its benefits for hair health, [BLACK SHINE] offers a more pleasant experience thanks to its low release of ammonia odor. It is ideal for both partial and total lightening of the hair, adapting to all types of highlights and coloring styles.

  • His homogeneous and dense texture it facilitates its mixing, avoiding the generation of volatile dust and providing a cleaner and safer working environment. With [BLACK SHINE], you will be able to achieve professional results more efficiently and without compromising the quality or integrity of the hair.

The black pigmentation of [BLACK SHINE] enhances the cooling of the tone during lightening, effectively excluding and neutralizing unwanted yellow reflections. This unique feature allows the creation of a more neutral base, giving the professional a greater security when working with it.

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Thanks to the combination of the active Bond Protection Plex, a high-tech cosmetic complex, next to the organic argan oil, the adhesion of water molecules to the hair is favored to maintain the right level of hydration in any situation. This mix creates a movie about hair who exerts a protective action against chemical agents.

power of a Top Rinse

The exclusive formulation of our product allows a whitening of up to 9 shades faster and with superior results compared to other discolorations. Our bleaching guarantees a Supreme qualityhelping to create iconic blonde and highlight shades accurately and confidently.

  • Dark pigmentation that neutralizes unwanted yellow tones: Our formula contains a unique dark pigmentation that effectively neutralizes unwanted yellow tones, delivering a purer, more vibrant color result.

  • Superior lightening power of up to 9 shades: Get exceptional lightening results with our product, which offers superior lightening power, allowing you to achieve up to 9 lightening tones.

  • It incorporates Bond Protector (PLEX) to protect and repair the hair fiber: Enriched with our innovative Bond Protector (PLEX), our product protects and repairs the hair fiber during the bleaching process, significantly reducing hair damage and breakage.

  • Organic argan oil that conditions and nourishes: We have incorporated organic argan oil into our formula to provide additional benefits to your hair. This oil deeply conditions and nourishes, leaving hair soft, silky and healthy.

  • Non-volatile bleaching powder: Our non-volatile bleaching powder ensures a more comfortable and safer bleaching experience by minimizing the release of airborne powders.

  • Homogeneous and dense mass, allows easy mixing: Our formula features a homogeneous and dense mass that facilitates mixing, ensuring an even and controlled application to achieve precise results.

  • Low release of ammonia odor: Enjoy a more pleasant bleaching experience with our low ammonia odor release, allowing for a more comfortable and less unpleasant application.

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Instructions for use

  1. Mix the desired amount of bleaching powder with the activating lotion until I get one smooth cream.

  2. Variable Mix Ratio: 1 part bleaching powder and 1.5 parts or 2 parts activating lotion.

  3. Exhibithion time: 20 to 45 minutes.

  4. How to use: Immediately apply the product on the dry and unwashed hair once you have made the mix. Spread the mixture so uniform and generous to achieve a high level of hair lightening.

  5. After the exposure time, thoroughly rinse the product, wash the hair and proceed to the necessary additional treatment.